National Police Week

By: Kasey Morello, Editor While most know that May 14 is Mother’s Day this year, many don’t realize that this year May 14 is the start date for National Police Week. With officers working at North Stafford and the area in which students live, Police Week allows members of the community to honor those that […]

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The (Almost) Perfect Dress

By: Imani Tucker, Staff Writer Photo Courtesy of Kailey Hart Prom came early this year for North Stafford, with the dance falling on April 1st at the Riverside Center in Fredericksburg. The dance is arguably one of the most important times for girls in high school. The event has to be perfect, almost as perfect […]

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Editorial: The Trump Party

By: Gabriel Gilbert, Staff Writer The year of 2016 will forever be known as one adorned with political upsets that made the pollsters cry out in anguish. Despite any and all predictions, no matter how informed, on November 8th Donald Trump emerged the victor of the 2016 presidential election. Trump led a reactionary movement to […]

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Mock Trial Opens Eyes

On Friday, February 24, North Stafford hosted a series of mock trials in the auditorium during first block. The trials were conducted in the same way they as if they were real, with various news outlets, such as ABC 7 News, in attendance to provide coverage. Students from various social science classes made up the […]

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Library Facelift

Since the opening of North Stafford in 1981, the students, teachers, and faculty have changed throughout the 36 years of education the school has provided. However, one defining part of North that has remained untouched is the library. With the dated shelves and spaces,  the library’s appeal has not been  attracting high  numbers of students […]

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