The First Pep Rally of 2017

By: Gabe Layug and Kasey Morello This year’s pep rally was a little different compared to the school year of 2016-2017. The first one is usually held on the first day of school as soon as the students enter North Stafford, but this year, the first pep rally was for Homecoming. When each class was […]

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Farewell to Ms. Smith

    By: Kasey Morello, Editor-in-Chief Giving, friend and laughter. These are some words that come to mind for some when thinking of Ms. Smith. Working at North Nation for a total of nine years, Pam Smith’s time at North has come to an end. With her recent departure, some teachers close to Smith happily […]

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The Senior Run Rerun

By Gabe Layug, Staff Writer The Senior Run of North Stafford High School returns–but this time, in a different way. The class of 2018 took on the Senior Run with a very familiar face, Mr. Hornick, as the new principal of North Stafford. On September 8th, the event began with a tailgate in the student […]

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Hornick in the House

By: Savannah Olyniec; Staff Writer North Stafford High School has become involved with a variety of changes throughout the year, to say the least. From the library, to the gym, and even the administration team, these inner workings of North Stafford have undergone a major renovation. Although the new gym and library may differ from […]

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The Name’s Skeen, David Skeen

  By: Matthew Hensen, Editor-in-Chief Deep within the halls of North Stafford High School, there lurks a creature of an aloof disposition. He is a teacher that many underclassmen regard with a measure of curiosity and suspicion, the writer of this profile surely did. You may have guessed Mr. Hooten, but no, this person is […]

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National Police Week

By: Kasey Morello, Editor While most know that May 14 is Mother’s Day this year, many don’t realize that this year May 14 is the start date for National Police Week. With officers working at North Stafford and the area in which students live, Police Week allows members of the community to honor those that […]

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