Library Facelift

Since the opening of North Stafford in 1981, the students, teachers, and faculty have changed throughout the 36 years of education the school has provided. However, one defining part of North that has remained untouched is the library. With the dated shelves and spaces,  the library’s appeal has not been  attracting high  numbers of students […]

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The Coding Hour

By:Steven Omps, Staff Writer Recently, students of all ages ranging from kindergarten to seniors in high school dedicated an hour of their time to learning the basics of coding in North Stafford High School’s library. The Hour of Code was open to all and did not require experience with coding. The event was led by […]

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Time to Recognize

By: Imani Tucker, Senior Staff Writer   Each month teachers are given a task to pick a student out of their classes who they think shows the most progressive academic growth. Student recognition at North Stafford High School has brought teachers to their toes trying to skim through their bundles of students to find the […]

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